#BrandingConversation — Part 1

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2 min readAug 26, 2022


I shared this sometime in 2017 on my Facebook Profile, and I have repurposed it to be relevant for today.

Reading this should take less than 2.7 minutes. You may want to consider investing the time to do so.

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I have also published a post on 5 Design niches you can start with; using Canva.

Check it out here — https://m.facebook.com/groups/787328551769341?view=permalink&id=956174524884742

Now, let’s read.

My name is Onuoha UI, and I’m a Graphic Designer and founder of Design with Canva.

Yes, I am a Software Developer and Programmer. Well, I didn’t start out as a Designer in this space. Around 2016 and even as early as 2017, I was still all about coding.

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However, I noticed a knowledge gap, something many designers didn’t understand, so I decided to pivot and showed up to bridge the gap.

So this is for you, dear DESIGNER.

— Are you a Designer who perfectly knows the various tools of your craft, or are you only satisfied with some self-preferred packages?

— Do you understand what was messed up about your final design and why your next should be better?

— Do you roll out something mediocre yet call it branding?

— You tell the World this is your 80th design, yet it’s so dull?

If it was your first pancake, I got no problems with that.

But then you complain that yellow and white aren’t friends and can’t pair your fonts properly!

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It is not about colour mixing, my Friend!

Listen up!

My heart bleeds whenever I see the word “Branding” used out of context.

Many are too hyped up about it and, as a result, have become very confused.

Some people think they are Branding Strategists or Brand Designers because they put up a logo out there on some Websites or Blogs or a Facebook and Instagram Page and invite our friends to like them.

I wish that were true, but it’s not.

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If this conversation is something you’ll like us to continue, follow me here and turn on the notifs so you don’t miss the next #BrandingConversation.

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