How can I design graphics using my phone if I don’t have a laptop yet?

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3 min readMar 22, 2020

Some time ago, someone asked in a group where I belong, I also think someone here might as well be in need of my answer.

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Q. “Please for someone who doesn’t have a laptop yet, how can I design using my phone?”

My simple answer is, you can learn how to Design with Canva

But just in case you want to hear more, this is just an excerpt on what I will answer you if we’re in my design school.

I know that most designers might tell you not to attempt Canva when they’re talking about playing big or doing heavy-duty designs.

Although, that’s not what Canva can do for now, permit me to tell you what I know.

Canva is not photoshop neither is it Adobe XD, but believe me, when I say the future of Canva in design for designers, non-designers and business owners is promising.

So what is Canva?

Simply put, I’ll say Canva is a drag and drops graphic design platform that allows you to create graphics easily by using elements already designed and available on the platform.

Design by Onuoha UI

It is free and available for anyone to use, on a PC, or a smartphone.

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With Canva, you can create social media graphics, slides for presentations, you can as well save them in different formats and even print them in high quality.

Canva is free for anyone, and even though they have a Canva pro plan where you pay less than 3k for one month, you can still choose to try it for 30 days or use free account forever.

Design by Onuoha UI

Canva has a desktop link where you can start designing immediately by going to double u double u dot Canva dot com.

But, if you don’t have a computer, you can use your smartphone.

Just go to the Google Play store, search for Canva, and not Canvas.

Download it, install it, create an account and start designing.

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If you want to design, following design patterns then you can take basic graphic design classes on fonts, typography, and typefaces, the principles of design like proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.

Yes, these screens I’ve attached to this post are designs I made in the Canva Android App.

Design by Onuoha UI

It’s just a fictional classified app for finding neighboring quick jobs.

People who appeared as users: Sandra Hives(fictional character), John Obidi Onuoha UI, Giftty Omodiale, Eddie Abikpa, and Robor Bliss.

Just don’t make excuses, just start.

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— Until then, keep this little light of yours shining, who knows I might need your lamp someday.

I dab.



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